Virtaranta Okuda Berger Trio "Nature of spinning"

OOOs-23 / Virtaranta Okuda Berger Trio "Nature of spinning"

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"nature of spinning" reflects the trio's approach of exploring repetition and minimalism.  By using these elements, they construct the improvised pieces in this album. 



1. Spin 1

2. Spin 2

3. Spin 3



 <Ambient / Noise / Improvised music / Minimalistic / Repetition / Acoustic>





Virtaranta – Okuda – Berger Trio


VOB (Jaka, Rieko and Antti), a trio exploring the small and minimal in improvisation. Prepared drums, Viola and Doublebass creates a unique and vibrant palette of sound to be formed and reformed into their musical pieces. Any sound can be taken and manipulated to create the compositions. The focus of the group lies in its role-less performance where every musician is responsible for rhythm, harmony and melody. With their different backgrounds musically and culturally, these three musicians bring these various ideas to the trio’s music.






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