VAU! "Surreal Faction"

OOOs-11 / VAU! "Surreal faction" 


¥ 300 (Tax in/JPN) 


2nd CD-R EP aberrant conspicuous by OOO! Presided VAU!=Tokyo Only Junk band. 


1. Confidential war ~ Looking for the alibi is nonsense. 

2. Provocative chocolate pie. . 

3. Love Lesson 1.234 



<Altenative / Junk / No wave> (Oct 25,2013)

VAU! "Confidential war ~ Looking for the alibi is nonsense" MV

(dir:Metallic Chairman)



Strange way riff going back and forth the last minute of the natural or joking or serious is hard to explode.

Dormant since March 2012.

And They play a revival in this work after one year.


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VAUVAU Osabe (Vo/Ba)

Metallic Chairman (Vo/Gu)






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