VAU! "hop step junk!"


OOOs-9 / VAU! "hop step junk"


¥500 (Tax in/JPN)


1st CD-R EP of OOO! presided over VAU!.


1. Please Fuck My Ass

2. Rotary Orgasm


4. Please response Boss!

5. Blood Orchestra



<Altenative / Junk / No wave>   (Mar 16,2013)



For example, this happens if you crystallized the Stranges. 

Music group that was assembled in only deconstruction and dislocation and derailment, such as collage art. 

However riff to come jump occasionally and mess catchy, you can not earnestly release the air-ish fool though disturbing, or was (appropriate completely or rather) meaning unknown, ending in 2 minutes stand 1 minute lyrics (?) 5 songs somehow lovable, gimmick to secrete adrenaline momentarily why. 

(Comments by Sunrain Records)






Strange way riff going back and forth the last minute of the natural or joking or serious is hard to explode. 

Dormant since March 2012. 

And They play a revival in this work after one year.






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