scum / Meta-Friend / Helical Phobia / Somukenai "Shibuya Rhapsodies"

 OOOs-16 /

scum / Meta-Friend / Helical Phobia / Somukenai  "Shibuya Rhapsodies"


¥800 (tax in/JPN)


4way Split CD by scum and Meta-Friend、Helical Phobia、Somukenai it on the theme of Shibuya in Tokyo to keeping like to update a variety of thoughts and information as Rhapsody. 


1. "K.A.C.I."  /  scum

2. "Kill All The Fascists"  /  Meta-Friend

3. "Groq"  /  Helical Phobia

4. "Regret Since Then"  /  Somukenai



<Noise / Power Electronics / Harsh / Cut-Up / Drone>

(Jun 30,2015) 



After create a self-produced works, and many release from domestic and foreign label.

Also actively collaborate with various artists.

Joint event planning "FERA" with Blackphone666, MASS PHALLOCENTRISM ATTACK.

Formed the noise grind band "unconscious disharmonic malfunction" than in 2014, also we want to start activities as a band.

First the first demo "Autumn gone ..." release in December 2014.

This summer, released a split CD with FACIALMESS.



Masked harsh noise unit that initiated the activity suddenly than in 2012. 

2012 summer, released a cassette tape work "[META BATTLE RESORT]" from .VLZ PRODUKT in harsh noise unit N / daZ with VELTZ.

Free download album from Grindcore Karaoke,

The DJ MIX have free release that was built only in the noise sound source from Concept Disk.




 Helical Phobia



from Hyogo Prefecture JPN. And it had been active in the center of Kyoto, and moved his base to Tokyo than in 2011.

Somukenai is aliases featuring the noise by Mr. hakobune to announce a full album of already 50works from drone label around the world.

K2 and Kazuma Kubota, Hiroki Sasajima, Celer, Pleq, also deployed many collaboration work with an equal variety of genres of writers. And presided over the Tobira Records.




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