Naoki Nomoto "Bounce"

OOOs-13 / Naoki Nomoto "Bounce" 


¥ 1000 (Tax in/JPN) 


The first solo album CD-R works by e-instrumentalists=Naoki Nomoto. 

Full album spans 71 minutes all 60 tracks was recorded in only modular synth. 

You can listen track "by nahance" 



<Electronics Experimental / Noise>

(1 Feb, 2014)


 Naoki Nomoto

Electronic musical instrument player with a focus on analog equipment and modular synth. 

Through the live activities manpower breakbeats unit with DethAnovA(Optrum) = PLUGDEAD, Hard core dub band = SiNE, Why no character?, Algo ruidoso (ex.VOMIT UK), in a constant variety of bands, live in a solo, multi-planning of joint events "electronics session" with Dave Skipper, has been active in power basis also live session, in the district.






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