Kazehito Seki "Self Toxications under the Azure"

OOOs-25 / Kazehito Seki "Self Toxications under the Azure"

¥1000 (tax out)


1. Dr. Strange Love
2. Rub ya deeper
3. Luv ya harder!
4. Another love with the Toxic Stimulant (which I hate)
5. Post Orgasm (or just OD’ed??)
6. But I still love you (on and on...)
7. The Sublimation ...


7 Songs of True Love / 16'59"

Recorded at Pepperland, 2017
Special thanks to Yujin, Ayaka!! 



 <Noise Music / Ambient / Actionisme / Dubstep / Voice Experimentation / Feedback / Improvisation>




Kazehito Seki 

is an amplified voice artist hustling in between Noise and Hardcore, from Tokyo.

Voiz set is a project about amplified voice, just with 1 or 2 microphone/s with NO electronic FX. His voice shows a wide spectrum as a new instrument, oscillating between subtle sinewaves and brutal harsh noise in a microsecond.

Self Toxication is a project with voice + amplification/feedback. Amplified but still organic harsh noise and intense ambience are dynamically cut up with hard panning and full range of frequencies from the highend to the lowend.


Since 2006, Kazehito has been blasting his voice in numerous projects, bands with following keywords >>> cutups, drone, experimental, grind, noiserock, sadcore, sludge, “Voiz” choir, and collaborations with >>> butoh, object installations, videofeedbacks, etc. He has performed at Ende Tymes Festival (2017 / US), MultiDOM (2016-17 / ES, FR, GB, NL, GR, NO, DK), ART MEETING (2016, 14 / JP), FRIV Festival (2016 / PL), MultiMadeira (2015 / PT), (LUFF / 2016, 15 / CH), etc.





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