HUH + Naoki Nomoto "Calling Your Ghost"


OOOs-15 / HUH + Naoki Nomoto "Calling Your Ghost" 

¥ 1000 (Tax in/JPN) 



Collaboration experimental sound source with a story behind it that have been made for the purpose of evocation / communicate with one heat of late summer of 2013 by the modular synth player Naoki Nomoto and free alternative avant duo HUH. 


10 tracks of the miracle that was sound by that three people to live channeling the spirit body is inaudible there invisible. 

Record collection of sound image which overlaps over and over again that has received unconfirmed radio countless. 


1. After Death 2. Resuscitation 3. Astral Projection 

4. Poltergeist 5. Your Ghost 6. Curse 7. Emergency 

8. Calling Your Ghost 9. Dependence 10. Killing You Again 


<Experimental / improvisation / Noise / Avant-garde> 

(9 Aug, 2014)




formed 2007.

Free form improvisation / Experimental rock duo.

They collaborate with various artists (Ex.T.Mikawa,ASTRO,GOVERNMENT ALPHA,Punkuboi,PUNSUCA,etc).

They also have hosted a lot of events.

Released the album "S/T" from WORD IS OUT!(Japanese Underground music label) In July 2012.




 Naoki Nomoto

Electronic musical instrument player with a focus on analog equipment and modular synth.

Through the live activities manpower breakbeats unit with DethAnovA(Optrum) = PLUGDEAD, Hard core dub band = SiNE, Why no character?, Algo ruidoso (ex.VOMIT UK), in a constant variety of bands, live in a solo, multi-planning of joint events "electronics session" with Dave Skipper, has been active in power basis also live session, in the district.






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