Gevabow / Miracle Afro Public "Violent Temptation"

OOOs-14 / GEVABOW / Miracle Afro Public "Violent Temptation" 

                  ¥ 1,500 (Tax in/JPN) 

New Wave Fast core VS Strange Rockin 'Miracle hardcore. 

Split board of Miracle Afro Public and Gevabow. 


1. cross bar / GEVABOW 

2. Stop Breaking Synth 

3. No place to in NY 

4. Quagmire high jump 

5. Drunken fiction Street 

6. Robo Cop 2 (Badu Erykah recover) 

7. Blow up odd beast train 

8. Undercard of DEVO 

9. be together !!!! / Miracle Afro Public

10. big fat suspenders 

11. Monster parent 


<Punk / hardcore> (8 August.2014)

Available for purchase even if Amazon

Trailer of "Violent temptation"



Formed in 2007.

Fivesome New Wave Fast core band.

Their sounds have taste of Tribal,Noisy,New wave...

Anyway really speedy stop and go.


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 Miracle Afro Public  

2010, was formed in the center of the current CHIKA WHERE'SANDY members rieshimada of Strange Pop power Violence band ex-VAV / necome.

Kotaro Takaishi of Happy! Mari is a party Hiromitsu Sakurai of DEEPSLAUTER, the drum, started working on (the Member currently) support bassist.

2011, released a demo "Miracle5 Songs DEMO".

It now appeared in a variety of events from this period, and also performed expedition to the region. MORTALIZED NICEVIEW and also co-starred in the coupling tour with core of bells, it is acclaimed. 

CHIKA guitar vocal cum pistol in 2012, was a central figure withdrawal. It seemed the band continue with or fatal, okn of LFQ is supported as a guitar, to resume activities soon. Joint planning and local Kashiwa, with the handle at LFQ "Tokatsu district sound KYO alliance" is also carried out, I have invited the group too suspicious.






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