ELMA "Cargo Cult"

OOOs-8 / ELMA "Cargo Cult" 


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The new album CD-R by East Japanese Harsh Noise Artist ELMA. 


1. Cargo Cult 

2. Cargo Cult 2 

3. Cargo Cult 3 

4. Little Boy 



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< Noise / Harsh / Experimental > (Mar, 2013)

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Cargo Cult

What Melanesia around the late 1910s, acculturation associated with colonization has progressed rapidly, occurred in New Guinea in particular. 

In faith, "end of the world is coming soon, ancestors dead back from beyond the grave piled up in steamer cargo of European civilization, the inhabitants will be saved Nokorazu" and, residents arrival of ancestors and built an altar to around was waiting for, but since you worship the cargo, this name is attached.

Where wealth is brought, what do we hold out in exchange for wealth. 

To Melanesia from whites. To non-Western from Western Europe. 

To Japan from the United States. To the periphery from the center. 

To Fukushima from Tokyo. To local from the capital. 

Wealth is whether you are of what the figure. 

Some are in the boat, I've been doing in airplane what is. 

For example, Little Boy has been doing riding a big airplane in mid-summer of 1945 in this country. 

(Text by ELMA)



Start the releasing of a CDR from 2001.

Noise sound that combines PC, analog synth, such as metal junk.

The theme of war,Ayako Wakao(Old Japanese famous actress), and mythology,etc...

The release works (Silent Novels records, NEUS-318, japanoise records ... etc) from the label of multiple domestic and foreign.


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