OOOs-10 / DJ MEMAI "OOO SOUND presents Experimental DJMix Series vol.2 [OOO! SOUNDS SPECIAL MIX !!!]" 


¥ 1000 (Tax in/JPN) 

51 Tracks / 55:51 


Start a solo, and Mix CD-R by Mr. DJ MEMAI that activities greedy most comprehensive live house, and club in a variety of sessions and band HALBACH, Fallopian Disco Force, the WORST TASTE & Special magic,. 

2nd Experimental DJMix Series that was Mix specially only (OOOs1 ~ OOOs9 / OOOs-DL1) 10 works Mr.MEMAI has been released in OOO SOUND! 



  <Mix / Noise / Experimental / Junk / Psychederic> 

(Jun 29,2013)



DJ · turntablist to activities especially in the metropolitan area. 

Also DJ other than performance in a solo, and good at a session with a wide variety of musicians. 

Scratch or effector, manipulate even the feedback noise further, creating an intense sound image space. Its style to build a world of unparalleled sense of its own to other attract what you see. 

In parallel with solo activities, and activity band "HALBACH" "Fallopian Di sco Force" or the like "worst taste & SpecialMagic", special DJ of the Tokyo underground scene the most attention right now.






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