disk-3 "three chord"

OOOs-6 / disk-3 "three chord"


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disk-3's only Full Album CD-R。


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2. 2

3. 3 feat. MANIA-ORGAN

4. 4

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6. 6

7. 7

8. 8

9. 9 feat. Naoki Nomoto (PLUGDEAD)、Ryo Hisatsune (Alan Smithee's MAD Universe)



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<Noise / Harsh / Drone / Experimental / Altenative>   (Oct 6,2012)

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disk-3 LIVE@BUSH BASH Koiwa Tokyo 29th Oct 2010



Man and woman guitar duo that was initiated activities in Tokyo from 2006-2007. 

Distinctive live style whirl at the same time two people guitar sound was amplified enough to cause loss of detail. 

Sometimes live at only the effect or voice contact failure also expanded. 

In addition, it is also active in a separate unit activities and solo to each other. 

Album "4" raves during delivery from free delivery label Grindcore Karaoke specializing Noise, to the Grind. 

Go back to sleep with a live of January 2013 in the "SQUIRM". 









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