Blackphone666 / Helical Phobia / Meta-Friend 3 way split


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Blackphone666 / Helical Phobia / Meta-Friend "3 way split"


¥800 (tax in/JPN)


3way split CD-R by Blackphone666 & Helical Phobia & Meta-Friend.


1. "Radiationgroove"  /  Blackphone666

2. "Hell's Winter"  /  Helical Phobia

3. "I Can't Go To Sleep"  /  Meta-Friend

4. "Damien"

5. "Torture Chamber"



<Noise / Power Electronics / Harsh / Ambient >

(Jun 30,2012)


Blackphone666 Live@Niman-Denatsu Higashi Ko-enji Tokyo JPN 23 May 2012



Activities in the style of its own, such as using striking the black phone, the oscillator black phone that has been remodeled. 

He has been pursuing the original sound harsh noise. 

Start the live activities from 2002 to start in 2001.

Any works announced by the self-produced.

Served as a staff in the event "MURDER CHANNEL", the planning and operation events "Discord Proving Ground" on the theme of music along with the DLS power than '07.





 Helical Phobia

Dark Drone/Harsh Noise Unit

He released Split CD-R with JAH EXCRETION from DREAD ROCKS RECORDS at Dec 2011.

The use of a unique way to the sound collage that was born through the processing.





Masked harsh noise unit that initiated the activity suddenly than in 2012. 

Summer 2012, he released a cassette tape works "[META BATTLE RESORT]" than VLZ PRODUKT in harsh noise unit N / daZ with VELTZ.

He often do collaboration live(with JAH EXCRETION,Somukenai,DJ MEMAI...etc).







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