Asufika "Lilliput Discoteca"

OOOs-7 / Asufika "Lilliput Discoteca" 


¥ 500 (Tax in/JPN) 


Mix CD-R by Mr. Asufika,Download album "Music for the Magi"(OOOs-DL1) was also well received.  

OOO SOUND is officially released that Mr. Mix had been selling hand already. 

Statelessness Disco Tech to change the dance hall the corner of the house. 

Magical dance tour of JUST40 minutes. 



<Mix / Hybrid / Exotica / New wave / Psyche> 

(Nov 20,2012)



Artist, musician, home DJ. 

In addition to the musical activities of the units Akifukuin, Sebon, Pee Oui Records, such as Qooo to Quuu, it is also performed production painting, three-dimensional, such as animation. 

Mainly electronic music, mood music, music of Latin America, New Wave, avant pop, techno, and contemporary music, he likes to mix it to make a story. 

Released in full self-produced the MIX CD, including the 2012 "Calling Planet Earth". 

Free delivery to DJ Mix work "Music for the Magi" from OOO SOUND in 2012, popular. 



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